Jungle Master Ministries

It has always been my calling to develop leaders to plant churches to share Jesus in the Amazon. That’s summed up by the JungleMaster tag line

 “Bringing Hope to a Hidden World”.

So, “how do you do that?” you might ask.
Thanks for asking, let me explain. We often bring hope by bringing doctors to remote areas of the Amazon; those missions develop the relationships that allow us to ask if we can bring in our missionaries and have them start the work and sharing Gods word.
“Are these missionaries North Americans?” You wonder
Many times our first contact will have North Americans in attendance but we always use National Doctors and National Missionaries. We often team up with the people that live and work in the jungle to begin the work but the work is always carried out by the National Missionaries in the jungle.
“Where do you find the National Missionary workers?”
Great question! We team up with the local churches and use their leaders as missionaries. In fact right now we have 40 plus churches on our team but the leaders in the jungle decided they needed a more pro-active group to work together. They have begun a group called the “Co-Fraternity of Pastors of the Upper Maranon River.” (Amazon River)  JungleMaster has helped them get their legal papers in order and they have become their own recognized organization. In fact in the last month JungleMaster has worked with them to put a new roof on the Church in Roche Fuerte and we are working together supporting missionaries in a distant Indigenous community.
“But how do you know what these missionaries are preaching, where have they gotten their training?”
Now you have gotten to the really big question, great work!  Yes, we know what they are teaching because we are training them. This is the really beautiful thing, God in His awesome grace, has brought together a team of teachers and leaders and 2014 will mark the “5th Annual Amazon Mission Festival” that JungleMaster will host. The inter twinning of relationships through the years has assembled Guillermo Powell of Logos Software as the director of the mission festival and with his contacts this year we will have 17 world class teachers coming to the jungle to work through a Bible basics course.
Even greater than that, if it could be greater, is that these teachers are coming to teach the jungle Pastors and leaders to teach. We have shifted our focus from teaching only the Pastors to teaching leaders to lead and teaching teachers to teach, from Children’s leaders to women ministries our team will be coming to equip a new group of teachers for all areas of ministry.
This is where we find our missionaries. We grow them! (God does the real work!)
We fully expect 800 Pastors, Leaders and Family members to come for 4 days of in depth teaching and building of relationships this February to the 5th Annual “Amazon Missions Festival”.
Now is where you ask 
“How Can I help!”

We need your support. We expect this year’s festival to cost $13,000 and at this point we look to fall short. We need your help to provide the transportation, food, housing, materials and resources. You can go to ww.junglemaster.org and use the link to PayPal or send your gift directly to JungleMaster Ministries. 

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