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The Amazon Mission Festival Adventure Begins

You don’t understand spiritual warfare until you embark on a quest to take ground from the enemy. Our day to day lives don’t normally produce any resistance from satan because for the most part we aren’t any threat to him. Once we get out of our crazy lives long enough to attempt something for God, then we experience the enemy pushing back. From personal experience I know that for the most part I can live out my life without too much problem, its only when we chase after one of these adventures for God do we see the enemies hand.

Recently I had to ask myself if these things that happen are really from the enemy….Is it possible that God is just cleaning the slate so all things are in the open, or is it that its the enemy trying to clean my clock and knock me down?

I write this as I sit waiting for my flight to leave Seattle. We have experienced my back going out last week, some family revelations that caused us deep concern, there was a fire in Miami that canceled our flight to Lima, on and on.

In Seattle going through the security I had made the obvious mistake of taking a thermal mug in my carry on. That set off a chain of events that allowed me to see what all the pat-down fuss was about and getting my hands swabbed, then the swab was run through a flux-capacitor, registering the possibilities that either I had been building explosives or using hand moisturizer……

Once through security, I had to follow up on what Ed Alm told me. Ed called and said that his flight was canceled. It concerned me because his flight was my flight from Miami on… Ed said there was a fuel depot fire and they weren’t running flights through Miami, I asked in Seattle and they said “no problem”, I asked again in Miami and they said “no problem” when I landed in Miami, I asked again, “no problem”. It wasn’t until the flight did the anounce. “due to a fuel problem we will be running a little late.” Oh well….

We do these things in complete trust in God or we would be fools, its His mission, His responsibility and under His protection that we proceed. 

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Mostly be praying…………………………………

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