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After a day and a half without any sleep we arrived in Iquitos Monday morning. Trying to sleep at the Airport was kinda un fruitful, our layover in Lima was only 5 hours, that’s not enough time to run into the city get a hotel and return, so we elected to just hang out and wait for our next flight. Everyone had their own little place to curl up and try to sleep but it just doesn’t work well.

We did have a little excitement getting through customs, every bag with medical supplies got red lighted. That meant that we received a physical inspection. I’m not sure why they let us through without duties, both the ladies working the counter weren’t too happy about  us not declaring the bags of supplies we had; maybe it was our ONG, maybe our promises to be better the next time or our plea for the people of the jungle, but the head inspector just shook her head and said “You can go, just next time declare your stuff first.”

The flight to Iquitos was OK, we just had the oldest 737-200 still in the air, The two flight attendents had to put a little shoulder into it to get the door shut. Our original plan was to head straight to Nauta and be in Santa Rita Monday evening but we had some issues getting a permit to enter the National Reserve. Lucho was able to get the permit in hand buy mid-day, we thankfully used the day to rest  instead.

Oh yeah, we also had to change doctors at the last minute, the original Doctor broke his leg.

Tuesday at 8am we will take all of our gear plus the doctor, and our staff to Nauta, get on the boat and be in Santa Rita around 4pm. If this post is a bit funny sounding its because I need to sleeeeeep.. So see ya and keep praying. Two more things, I’m still struggling with the Sat-Phone, it now connects but locks up my computer, some kinda conflict…I still think I will get it to work but don’t worry if we lose contact…..and we all are doing great! The group is doing well and I think I can say for each one of us that we are fitting together really great!

See ya soon…Tom

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  1. Hi Eddy!! Glad you made it safely along with all the group. We hope you've all been able to get enough sleep by this time as well as enough food and good water. I've been trying to imagine your adventure! Glad to see you didn't think you could make it with your contacts! I wouldn't have thought that was a good environment for them either. I'm sure you're going to have an absolutely incredible time there!! I'd like to hear all about it – step-by-step, honest! We're thinking of you all the time. And praying, of course.
    Come home healthy and whole.
    Love you – Sis and Mom

  2. Sounds like a repeat of our experience in the airport – "Sleepless in Lima"! We are praying that all goes well and that God will use all of you to accomplish His purposes for His people there in the jungle. God bless you all.

    Pastor Bob Vance

  3. Tom, Rich and the team. We've all heard the expression of good luck,"break a leg." But this is rediculous! Looks like the laws of the Amazon are taking over again. Never a dull moment! Favor. Please give Javier's Dad, "El Capitan" a big hug from me. Mike even got the two of us in his video:) And say hi to Pastor Manuel in Dos De Mayo. Tanya and I continue to pray for a successful and safe trip for you all.
    Terry"TJ" and Tanya

  4. Hi John, I hope your having a wonderful time and soaking up the whole experience. I can already hear your words of "I cant wait to go back"! Stay safe.
    Love you – Annette

  5. Hi, Looking at the pictures makes me want to be there. Sure brings back airport sleeping memories. PTL that they let you through without claiming all the stuff. Sorry I didn't have time to itemize everything for you. Love you and am praying for all of you. Look forward to all the posts.

    Love, Karen


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