Jungle Master Ministries

Nothing Changes in The Jungle, Except those that Pass through it… True, in fact the jungle seems to be a huge mass of organisms in some kind of a symbiotic relationship. The problem is, as North Americans we become the parasitic infection and the jungle works to expel you the moment you arrive. The secret is to act like a good parasite, imitate something that the organism recognizes…..Imitate the locals…

The local people don’t try to change the jungle to meet their needs, they adapt to it. North Americans lather on the deet, slap bugs, bring fans, hide in nets and alter their immediate environment to be like home. The locals slow down, don’t overheat, bathe in the river and meet their environment as immutable.

The jungle is no Pandora from Avatar fame, there is a big group of folks now that want some type of utopia in the Amazon,… not going to happen.

Here’s the bright side, You can have a great trip to the Amazon, you just need to slow down and be wise, don’t let the bugs and heat get ahead of you. Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can sit or sit when you can lay down, never be awake when you can sleep. Eat when its available, always get dry if you have the opportunity. Go with the jungle, not against it. Don’t make stupid mistakes and don’t get over-confident. Simple Huh?

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