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Buy a Horse, Give a Chicken...

We did manage to purchase over 40 chicken and take them upriver to give to local families. If you remember we did a fund raiser that offered to give a chicken away in exchange for your purchasing one of 115 horsepower, so we could get a new motor on our boat in the Amazon. It was funny trying to explain to the folks up river the concept and why we wanted to take a photo of them holding a chicken. The first few folks came up and gave their names, held the chicken and got their picture taken; then promptly put the chicken back. I realized that they were being gratious in following our wishes but didn’t understand that they got to keep the chicken.

I had Bob Vance explain again that they were to keep the chicken and take it home and the happy mood we had going even became more joyful. Once things got straightened out it went really well as there was a new motivation for getting a photo taken with a chicken for the gringos.

Soon I’ll get photos out to supporters, so if you partisipated, your “family” photos will be coming soon.

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  1. Tom. Tanya and I were again talking together this morning about our trip with you to Peru. With all the challenges that the jungle has to offer. It's hard for me to believe that we lasted through our eight days there. But the real crazy thing is that we can't wait to return again. Both the jungle and the people who live in it were simply,in a word…Unforgettable. Tanya and I will keep you,Rich and your team in our prayers. Please say "hi" to Pastor Manuel in Dos Demio for us.
    Terry aka Tj


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