Jungle Master Ministries

So overall, this team did a fantastic job. Everything we wanted to accomplished was done, not just done, but done really well. From the seminar to the well and everything in between, this group blew it out of the park! But the enemy knows just where to hit us when someone is taking ground for the kingdom.

We had three different issues with health of family members while we were gone, Lucho had issues at home with his family, we were attacked from every angle and every weakness. But we came together each and every time stronger than than we started. We kept to our times together at night to decompress and our devotion times in the morning, we prayed for each other and showed grace to one another.
I really learned a lot about myself and areas that I need to change and give up to God. I hope my leadership will improve and each team will benefit from the experience gained from all the trips before them.

This will be the fastest turn around for me that I’ve ever had as I go back with another team in May. But, God is good and I’m not as tired as usual, I feel that I’m actually ready to go.  Stay tuned as I’m working to get my Sat Phone working and hope to post from the deepest parts of the Amazon….

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