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A friend said that, “God has called me and He has a support team out there for me, but it’s my job to find it.”

How do I know that this is a call? There is no way that this can be done part-time any longer… To quote a phrase that everyone uses when they listen to what JungleMaster is doing or comes down here and sees the mission, “This is WAY bigger than we had imagined”.

This last week in the jungle is proof, We did a seminar for the local pastors that brought out 200 people, 26 leaders from 22 Churches in 19 local communities. To these men this conference was a “Willow Creek Leadership Conference” times two. We are uniting the local churches with the only jungle based missionary sending church in the upper Amazon. Just ask those that where here; it was huge, transformational, uniting and Blessed…..Next year we expect 1000 brothers there and we will have and three days of teaching and a community outreach for the second annual “Missionary Festival of the Amazon”

We also completed a well that is deep and clear, we now CAN produce water projects in the Amazon using the brothers in the church, keeping the funds in the church.

Jorge Arevelo, The pastor from Lima was there.. his quote, “I have been involved in missions in the Amazon for over 15 years, to see what you are doing is amazing and not been done before, your level of accountability and the quality of the work your doing has never been seen here, God will prosper this far more that you can believe, it will double or triple.”

We are going to Dos de Mayo for a medical mission, right now they don’t have any medicine there, they take their sick to the church for healing…..Two years ago, when we did the Church plant there they had not had the word of God. Last week the Pastor from Dos de Mayo said that, “We used to only hear the cries of the drunk at night, now we hear the songs of Jesus.

What part of this would God not bless?
Yet, I may be at the point of not only the longest transition to missions in history, but also the shortest ministry recorded.

To get all of these group trips planned and completed, then trying to finish up my boat repair projects; all I have done is shoot myself in the foot. I have not been able to do the one-on-one sit downs that is required to raise the funds to sustain full-time ministry. My issues with being reluctant to directly ask for money has made it difficult to be pro-active enough to raise the funds we need to sustain this and we are now out of time. God needs to pour Himself into this thing,.

“So, Tom cut to the chase“.You might be saying now…… Even with whats been added over the last couple of months we are still almost 5000 per month short. That includes our support, the increases in staffing in Peru, the softer dollar and completion of projects there. Most of what we have been able to raise for support is getting chewed up with ministry in the jungle.

Am I trusting God if I go get a job next week?
Or do I need to make my needs known and see if He blesses? Both?

Just Pray…the funds to do these things come from the least expected places, but God Knows. He’s ramping things up exponentially and I know He has a way out……………………..

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  1. I get chills reading all God has done and is doing in this amazing short period of time. Unbelievable. I know God will not be working in such miraculous ways without providing the funding. Keep trusting, I know HE will provide. Thanks for letting your needs be known.



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