Jungle Master Ministries

Sunday we were at Jorge Arevalos church in Barranco, and outskirt of Lima, and attending worship there. The music was amazing and electric, afterward there was testimonies from some of the new 40 believers that came to Christ as a result of a Wednesday rally. The guest speaker was a Pastor from Iquitos. After she was done she came up to greet us and thank us for our service to her country and the people in the jungle. She then looked at me in the eye and said that she had noticed that I was tired. Right at that Carl Angell walked by and said to her “this man needs a word from you” pointing to me. She looked at me deep in my eyes and without loosing eye contact for several minutes she proceeded to tell me, “The work you do is very hard and you are the type of person who won’t give up….. God has much more for you to do, all of what you are going through is to make you stronger and to make your family stronger, but I want to tell you something……you are not alone, God has been walking with you from the beginning. The work will get harder and you need to be prepared. God will bless your effort and your ministry is about to multiply.” I know she said much more than that but she had me blown away and I didn’t hear much more than that. She has never met me, nor did she know anything more that that I was a missionary from the US. But she spoke right through me……

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