Jungle Master Ministries

New day, everyone is getting along great.  The thing that impressed me today is the amazing amount of generosity and compassion is outpouring from this group.  Many people offered to pay for the extra luggage, food and other items.  We are truly working as a great team.

Lucho was MIA until we reached Lima. His phone was down and we had no contact, finally, I looked at Starbucks in Limas Airport….Lucho! He said that “he didn’t know when we would get in but he knew that if he hung around Starbucks long enough that I would show up!”

Be praying……We couldn’t find one of our team members that was expected to meet us in Lima, we had him paged, no response..finally we went to Continental desk and we found out that he didn’t get on the plane. I checked E-mail and found that his daughter is really sick and he had to stay home…..Pray!!!!

More soon… we are really tired and have another 20 hours to stay up…..

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