Jungle Master Ministries

First Day on the way to the jungle.

Have you ever tried sticking 5 pounds of stuff in a 3 pound bag? That would be what getting all of our gear into the two vehicles was like for our trip from Bellingham to Seattle. I guess I should have a real limit on what people can bring, I always start out by saying “don’t bring more than you can carry” then we end up somewhere nearer to “how may porters do we have?”…. But with all of the special needs, we ended up way more bags than I hoped, Not since Orellana traversed the Amazon has so much been taken into the jungle by so few.

In the morning we break at 4am and head to the airport, flight out at 7:10 am, we will meet two more of the team in Houston, then off to Lima…..

Some bumps as the Extroverts out number the Introverts by lots, pray as we continue to grow as a team….

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