Jungle Master Ministries

I’m not delusional, I don’t think people care about what I’m making for dinner or if I ran around lake Padden today…yet I discovered some people are reading this…I think its more about what Gods doing in the Amazon and not about me or what I’m up too….I’ll be more careful what I write here though……

Beyond all that, I’m continuing to be blown away at what Gods doing.. we have just found out that there will be 250 Pastors and leaders at the seminar we are holding in the jungle next week. The only other Ministry that was on the river supporting the local church has pulled out….JungleMaster is IT in a 200 mile radius…….WOW.

Secondly we have Pastor Jorge Arevalo going to the jungle with us, Jorge has an amazing background in leadership, he is running for Mayor in Barranco, a district of Lima, and has the connections to get our Bible Institute up and going and accreditation available for local jungle pastors.Double WOW!!….JungleMaster will have a fully operational Mission sending and training center in the remote Amazon really soon…We will train and equip local leaders for ministry in the most remote parts of the jungle.

Even as God is setting up an amazing ministry through JungleMaster; as things are ramping up at an amazing rate, I still don’t see the foundational support coming in to allow us to get all of this done. I know He provides where He calls. JungleMaster is an unmistakable miraculous movement of the hand of God. Only God could have pulled all of this together. So….if you have ever wanted to get involved in what Gods doing now is the time and this is the place. (that means you can give $) It may be time to stop thinking and get on board!

Ok….off the soapbox. Great meeting with the team going in May..tomorrow night is the last meeting with the April team, its a fantastic group, lots of type “A’s”…Doing a major video project during the trip that 360 productions is putting together for us. Well drilling, clean water and more.

Way too busy, I continue to aim for my feet and pull the trigger…I don’t have time for one on ones to raise funds, I have to concentrate on cash projects to pay bills and finish closing my business. By the time I take the April group and the May group we will be out of funds and no job……….sorry if this talk is to raw for a Missionary candidate (?) Maybe I should only talk about all the amazing blessings and out pouring of Gods hand…all true but there is the reality of where my minds at too. We chose to trust in God and His call, that says we know that he will provide…….

Looking forward to sharing our facilities in the jungle with these next two groups, I’m not looking forward to the flights..once in the jungle I’m out of harms way and feel relaxed though…Keep Praying!

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