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My name is Tom and I’m a missionary. Not your average missionary either, I’m a missionary with an attitude. I will say what every other Christian is thinking. Usually, in the name of being at peace with our brothers, we close our mouths about our wacked out brothers and sisters in Christ and never tell them they suck. Not ANY MORE! I’m here to tell the truth. Jesus would have told them to change their ways: read Revelation 2-3.

Things that drive me crazy
1-Trinity Channel: big hair, too much make up and looking like a 75 year old hooker. Who do you think you’re kidding. If I was wondering who Jesus was, and saw you first as a believer, I’d think He had to be a pimp. Folks; if you are what Christians are about who would want them

2-Cheap Christians that don’t tip, don’t give and are always trying to get you to lower your price. All in the name of good stewardship. You know who you are; you take your kids to micky “Ds” on three bucks. Order; waters, one large fry and two plain burgers. To split between your 4 kids. You make all Christians look bad. You horde your money to your own destruction. It becomes your idol, there never is enough (is there?) Non-believers see through your crap, your driving a wedge between them and Christ by your love of money.

3-People that give you lip service. These are the people that tell you; “how much they want to help you in your ministry. I can do this and that, I will be there every day to help”, they say. They call you for three days straight, then you never hear from them again. They don’t return your calls or answer e-mails. You guys really suck. What if Jesus didn’t return your calls, answer prayers or do what he said?

Enough for today…..

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