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Amazon Mission Festival

Greetings friends….
As you may know JungleMaster is about 6 weeks from the third annual “Amazon Mission Festival”. This three day conference is your premier JungleMaster event each year. This year we expect over 300 jungle pastors and leaders to attend three days of intensive instruction on the basics of our Christian faith, sermon preparation and evangelism. Made possible only by God working through you by your prayers and support…..
This year we have an amazing staff of world renowned Spanish language teachers coming to the JungleMaster Missions Center deep in the amazon including:
Jaime Mirón, VP of Luis Palau association – evangelist.
Abel Hofkamp, pastor from Cordoba, Argentina.
Rafa Quinteros, youth leader from Cordoba, Argentina.
Tim Marlier, Dallas, TX
Sam Powell, Colorado Springs, Co
Mark Bofill,  Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO.,
Jorge Arévalo, pastor in Lima
Guillermo Powell – Logos Software.
Jim Bates – Pastor Columbus NE ……..…and more!
Guillermo Powell again will build content for the conference this year, his experience last year in the jungle has lead him to reach out to an amazing group of friends, to ask them join our team. Guillermo has seen the value and impact that this conference is making, deep in the Amazon. Immanuel Bible Church has assembled a team of support people to bring together all of the odds and ends required to support a three day conference.
We also are working on purchasing  200 MegaVoices, these small devices are much like a I-pod with an external speaker, they are solar powered and  hold the entire Bible, 220- 30 minute devotionals and the entire Jesus film audio version.     Imagine……a tiny community in a dark remote jungle village, gathered each evening with the only entertainment they have; an audio Bible! These devices are available to us for under $40 dollars. We hope to give one to each pastor and leader that attend the conference this year. What better investment can you have in the lives of others; life to the full through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
Put that together with the work God has done in the last three years;…. the only missions training center for 200 miles, the only bible study resource library with 100+ written resources, a jungle based missions sending church and a yearly bible conference that is the equal in quality and attendance to any anywhere!
And What Do You Have?
Your opportunity to be involved in an amazing work of God
That said; this is hugeand I need your help. Our budget this year is $14,000.00 plus the cost of the MegaVoices and we have raised about $9,000.00 to date. All of our supporting churches are invested and now I’m reaching out to you to help and make this possible once more.  Prayerfully consider an investment in this project………. Thanks Once again……………..

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