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Archery club in Nauta

JungleMaster Ministries, along with Pastor William, are very excited about the interest that we have gotten from the archery program that we started last year. The basis of the plan was to get youth passionate about a sport where they could learn self-discipline, self-focus, and structure. All the things that we need to focus on to have a good relationship with Jesus Christ. We have based this program around the Centershot Ministry archery program that many churches in the States are using. Make sure to watch the short video of archery in Nauta.

So far, there has been a lot of excitement around this program here in Nauta. This year during the school vacation, which happens here from December through March, we have have been running an archery camp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for any youth that wants to join. We have had a consistent number of participants who have participated in this camp. The camp has been held at Pastor Williams church and gives the youth not only an opportunity to practice archery but also provides the church with an opportunity to show and model the love of Christ to the youth.

We have been invited by the local education department to teach archery in the physical education program in the schools here in Nauta. We are in talks right now discussing what this relationship would consist of.

April will be the anniversary of Nauta. Usually, this is a month-long celebration with many different events and activities. The month of activities culminates in the last week of the month with many different types of exhibitions and fun activities. Examples include canoe races, peque peque boat races, traditional events, cultural exhibits, and things of this variety. Pastor William has been in talks with the officials in charge of putting together the anniversary program, and they invited us to put on an archery exhibition. At the same time that these conversations had been taking place, we had also been in contact with the Peruvian Archery Federation about the possibility of joining with them and forming an “archery club” here in Nauta. It was during these conversations that we invited the  Federation to bring a few representatives from the Federation to come and join in with the exhibition in April here in Nauta. JungleMaster Ministries has helped pay for the plane tickets for the President, trainer as well as one of the women that participated in the Pan American games last year!

As you can imagine, we are incredibly excited about how God has been orchestrating all the pieces and love how God can give us a vision and passion, and all we have to do is start walking out the steps that he lays in front of us.

As always, though with these kinds of things, there are still costs involved. We initially brought with us ten fiberglass recurve bows eight being right-handed and two left-handed. Along with these, we had two Genesis compound bows donated. We need to purchase at least three more left-handed recurves as well as the ongoing cost of targets, arrows, and miscellaneous items that get worn and need replacing with a program like this. Along with these costs is the expense of inviting the Peruvian Federation to Nauta. The Federation participants have accepted our invitation but, they have asked if we could help cover the expenses of their flights and transportation to Nauta.

New left-handed bows and misc. equipment $600

Membership to join the Peruvian Federation $200

Flights for Peruvian Federation members to Nauta $400

The total cost we need to raise to help cover the upcoming expenses for this project is


As always, there are three very practical and easy ways to join us in any of our projects. Prayer, funding, or come to Nauta and see what it is we are doing, or perhaps you’d like to do all three. Oops, that was four ways.

Ok, how do you do these?

1-Prayer, well, I hope you’re doing this for us anyways.

2-Funding, go to our donate page at our website www.junglemaster.org or send a check to our address:

PO box 29868

Bellingham, Wa


3-You want to come to Nauta? Awesome, send me a message through our contact page at our website www.junglemaster.org and we”ll talk.

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