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by Amy McGee Language- That word has a whole new meaning for me these last few months. Well, years really, if I’m honest.  My love of language started young. It has been an ever growing and changing relationship; very much like my love for the Lord. My mom and dad always had friends from different cultures … Read more

Back to school!!!

We have been praying since deciding to become full-time missionaries in Nauta, Peru that we would need to attend a language school so that we could learn the Spanish language. We have now been on the field for over two and a half years. Last year we attended language school for a month. Although that … Read more

God’s Hand on Joel and the Survey Team

April 17, 2017 As we’ve mentioned before, JungleMaster places a high priority on partnering with others as we do God’s work in the jungle. One project currently in progress is a survey of community leaders in numerous villages along the rivers near Nauta. This project was born out of a desire, shared by Tom Clark … Read more

Building Teamwork Between Missions Organizations

Joel McGee ALTECO CONFERENCE 2017 Getting our work done in the jungle requires teamwork between multiple missions. And yet, for many reasons, missions (foreign and domestic) don’t tend to work very well together. This is why JungleMaster is a member of a coalition called ALTECO. ALTECO, or Amazon & Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition, is a … Read more


February 2017 “Words are just words here in the jungle,” says Joel McGee. Face to face relations are the key to working together successfully in this culture…and “even those sometimes mean nothing.” This was the reason that Joel took his family and another missionary upriver to visit the cofraternity of pastors soon after his return … Read more


January 2017 Something exciting is happening in the village of Mundial, across the river from Santa Rita! Six of the cofraternity pastors have come together to construct a church! This is an exciting development for two reasons: The first, and most obvious of the two, is that the believers in Mundial will soon have a … Read more

December 2016 Year End Update

We’re All About Partnerships! JungleMaster Ministries is all about partnerships, both at home and in the jungle! Because of your partnership with us through your prayers and financial support, we are able to partner with leaders in the Amazon, training and equiping them to further God’s Kingdom within their own communities and beyond. These leaders, … Read more


11/15/2016 Dear JungleMaster Ministries friends and supporters, The JungleMaster board is currently hard at work determining the logistics of continuing the mission’s work in the jungle following the passing of our director, Tom Clark. We have some big shoes to fill! The following is a current update. First of all, we feel God leading us … Read more

Tom Clark’s Passing

11/6/2016 To the many friends and supporters of JungleMaster Ministries: It is with deep regret that we must share the news of the passing of Tom Clark, the founder and president of JungleMaster Ministries. Most of you have likely heard this news already, but some duplication may be necessary in order to ensure that all … Read more