Jungle Master Ministries

May 2016 Updates

Whats UP? Well, I had a talk with a dear brother who’s been a supporter of ours from the first days of JungleMaster, basically this was his point; “Tom, You stink at communicating!” He said it in a much nicer way but I know he loves me and Janet and all he wants is the best for us … Read more

Greetings from The Abyss!

    Greetings from The Abyss! Not really… But this has been a challenging last 6 months, I have been through a funky depression and its been real hard to get back on this horse called “ministry”. But after a self induced break I feel like God has been deeply involved in the process of helping … Read more

March 2015 I was challenged to produce a video with just my iPhone; here it is! This highlights the 2015 Mission festival.We had 380 attendees, 32 teachers and helpers. 60 friends from the Urarina Tribal area, 9 new believers, 18 baptized. What a huge blessing!

It has always been my calling to develop leaders to plant churches to share Jesus in the Amazon. That’s summed up by the JungleMaster tag line  “Bringing Hope to a Hidden World”. So, “how do you do that?” you might ask. Thanks for asking, let me explain. We often bring hope by bringing doctors to … Read more

December News Letter Greetings Pastor Andy God’s moving in the Amazon Jungle of Peru and He’s using JungleMaster to forward His purpose. As I recently spent a few hours walking beside a young Pastor named Andy in the village of Roca Fuerte, this truth was cemented in my mind. When we arrived in Roca Fuerte … Read more

A little update..I’m working on getting a newsletter out and thought that maybe taking a moment to write my thoughts down in a semi organized fashion may help. Forgive me if my ideas and direction wander here but I have a lot to contemplate. Javier and Nanita Lets add up the year so far. We … Read more

Update on the flood relief

As you may know there have been multiple efforts to raise funds for the flood relief on the Amazon. The really amazing thing is to see what happens when we “release” God to do as He wills… That may sound odd but I heard the same thing from the brothers at two churches in Bellingham. … Read more

Amazon Mission Festival

Greetings friends…. As you may know JungleMaster is about 6 weeks from the third annual “Amazon Mission Festival”. This three day conference is your premier JungleMaster event each year. This year we expect over 300 jungle pastors and leaders to attend three days of intensive instruction on the basics of our Christian faith, sermon preparation … Read more

As I settled down from a busy week in the jungle it was great to be back in the city and able to relax in a air conditioned room, my mind settled on the fact that the problems with logistics and safety were over. I opened my computer thinking that I would write on the … Read more