Jungle Master Ministries


Today, I will be travelling back to the States for a quick two-week visit. With all the issues concerning the Corona Virus, I would much appreciate prayers for smooth travels. I will be In Bellingham visiting my mom who has had some serious struggles with her health lately. Please be praying for my travels as … Read more

Update on Abram’s mother in law

Abram’s mother in law has been recuperating and regaining strength so they have been able to bring her back to Santa Rita! She is continuing to heal, gain strength and has even been getting out and about a bit. Abram wanted me to pass along a note saying to you; Thank you so much for … Read more

Pray for Nauta

Please be praying for Nauta. There is a huge land invasion down the road from us. They invaded the land over two weeks ago and the last few days the police have started trying to remove them. Our church and other church families’ homes are right in the middle of the protests and invasion. Police … Read more

Prayer for Pastor Abram’s mother in law

Please be praying for Abram’s mother-in-law. She has been suffering from pneumonia and other complications last night conditions worsened to the point that they brought her into Nauta today. When they arrived in the clinic here in Nauta the doctors worked on stabilizing her but quickly made the decision to transport her to the hospital in … Read more

2020 Pastoral and leadership training

I got some very exciting news this morning! I received a call from Abram this morning letting me know that there are 18 people from his church in Santa Rita that will be attending this year’s training cycle at the BMS training center. This is the same training that Abram and a few other pastors … Read more