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December 2016 Year End Update

We’re All About Partnerships!

JungleMaster Ministries is all about partnerships, both at home and in the jungle! Because of your partnership with us through your prayers and financial support, we are able to partner with leaders in the Amazon, training and equiping them to further God’s Kingdom within their own communities and beyond. These leaders, in turn, are now beginning to multiply their efforts by partnering with each other on various projects! Here are some examples of how God has worked through these numerous partnerships in 2016.
Your gifts have allowed JungleMaster to partner with pastors and leaders to enable them to attend the seminary in Nauta, Peru, Centro De Capacitacion de Nauta. The first six of these graduated from seminary in 2016!
Your gifts have also allowed JungleMaster to come alongside our cofraternity of pastors and leaders in the Amazon this year to assist their churches in becoming legally registered with the Peruvian government. This process took 1 ½ years, but was completed in October, just before the passing of our director, Tom Clark. The legal recognition now protects these 22 churches from being shut down without warning and also makes them eligible for government funding when they put on future training events. JungleMaster has also been working with the 22 cofraternity member churches to come up with their own plans for discipleship in their local areas. The pastors are setting goals and working to achieve them, while JungleMaster is providing financial help and encouragement. It is the vision of the local pastors to support each other in building up the body of Christ, and it has been exciting to see these churches come together to help each other complete various projects of their cloosing! Six of the cofraternity churches are currently working together to rebuild a church in the village of Mundial.

The new church in Mundial

Our 6 seminary graduates!

Because of your generous donations JungleMaster now has a “new” boat with a 150 HP motor!! This boat is faster & safer, has an on-board bathroom, and is cooler, due to an insulated roof. It not only helps us transport people associated with our mission, but it also allows us to parner with, and help other missions and missionaries by transporting them safely, affordably, and reliably upriver to their ministry sites.

150 HP motor

Our new boat
Through your partnership with us, JungleMaster was able to help Marco, a local Peruvian missionary, transport supplies and gasoline so that officials from the Minesterio de Educacion (education department) could travel to the village of Nueva Union in the Urarina district to see the need for a high school there. In January, our portable sawmill will be transported up the Chambira River to the site where community members will build the new school and also a dormitory (necessary for students who couldn’t otherwise attend due to the up to 2-day commute time!) This project will be a partnership between JungleMaster, the local church, a Peruvian Missionary, and the government.
In June of this year, because of your support, JungleMaster was able to partner with a team of future engineers from George Fox University. Together, we researched the possibility of piloting a solar project at JungleMaster’s mission house in Nauta. This group also was an encouragement to the pastors and congregations of two villages up river.
The George Fox University team

The trip upriver to Nuevo Union



  • For your continued support!
  • The cofraternity members are working together to complete projects of their choosing!
  • Our 22 member churches are now officially registered with the government!
  • Six of our pastors/leaders graduated from seminary this year!
  • We have a new boat!
  • For our ability to help other missionaries!

In Other news:

This fall, Amy McGee attended a two-day conference in the Dominican Republic. It was hosted by the organization Pure Freedom, founded by author and public speaker Dannah Gresh. Pure Freedom teaches young girls about purity and finding their value in the Lord. The conference dealt with Sexual theology, healing, and fatherless families. It addressed how to help the young girls in areas where sexual abuse, un-wed pregnancies, and broken families are a normal way of life. Amy is excited to use this training in Nauta and in the river communities to help young women heal from the devastating effects of  this culture and to build closer relationships with the Lord. Hopefully, it will also be helpful in strengthening families in Peru.


Did You Know?

Carmen is active in ministry, as well! Before the McGee family furlough, she was being trained to lead small groups of children during an on-going Saturday kids’ program at their church in Nauta. Carmen gathers neighborhood kids and puts on English classes for them, and she tutors teens who are taking English at school. She also recently had the opportunity to read verses and do riddles on a morning Christian radio program!

Prayer Requests:

  • For the family of Tom Clark
  • For the logistical adjustments that need to be made in order to continue effectively ministering to the leaders in the jungle without Tom
  • For an easy transition in January back to life in Nauta for the McGee family
  • For continued effective training and equipping of the local pastors
  • For successful application of the principles learned by Amy at the Dannah Gresh conference
  • For funds needed to build churches in the villages of Progreso and Prado, for the purchase of 2 chainsaws and a boat & motor for the cofraternity, and for the money to make needed upgrades to our mission house in Nauta

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