Jungle Master Ministries

Launching a New Direction

I’ve noticed that its been a long time since I have posted anything. I’ll do better…..

In the last few years I’ve been working towards full-time missions. As of the first of day of 2010 my wife and I decided to pursue full-time ministry….so what does that mean? On one hand its a lot of trusting in God to provide when all else seems to say “this is a stupid idea”…..the other side is “why would God have blessed so much of what we have done in the jungle if He didn’t intend to provide for its completion?”

We’ve been killing ourselves working what has been essentially two full time jobs. Fixing boats and doing ministry. So we needed to make a change, but how do we raise funds? How do I “work” to provide for my family, “Work” to raise funds, and still manage the ministry and take groups to the jungle?

Everything I do; I shoot myself in the foot. If I’m turning a wrench to make money I’m not raising the long term support that I need to do this ministry full-time, If I’m raising funds, I’m not paying my bills. If I’m not 100% pursuing ministry, am I really trusting God?

This is my journey, It may be a bit too raw for the weak but is reality….

I leave for the jungle again in a week, before I go I have a 32 foot fishing boat to wire and install the engine, a 350 chev to rebuild and taxes to get done……………..

How did I get to this financial black hole? Its a long story….. but between ministry, businesses that have failed and faltered, kids in college and a lot of bad decisions, here we are.

My wife and I are working at getting this all straightened around, we have a plan….God has a plan……its just being faithful.

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