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Pray for Nauta

Please be praying for Nauta. There is a huge land invasion down the road from us. They invaded the land over two weeks ago and the last few days the police have started trying to remove them. Our church and other church families’ homes are right in the middle of the protests and invasion. Police have arrested a few people. Please be praying for a swift and just resolution for all involved.


“God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble.” Psalms 46.1

4 thoughts on “Pray for Nauta”

  1. Praying for a peaceful solution, and for the church to shine Christ’s love… whatever that may look like. Praying for wisdom and protection.

  2. Praying for those caught in the middle of all this.
    Pardon my ignorance. Can you please explain who “they” are? What exactly do you mean by a land invasion? Protesters of what? What are the police doing? Thank you for any clarifications.

    • Thanks for the questions. So “they” are local Peruvians. Sometimes when there are big lots of land that aren’t developed several things can happen. A group can decide to invade and then squat on the land for a period of time and make it theirs. The laws here are very different than those in other countries. Or, a swindler can print fake documents saying he owns the land and sell plots to the unsuspecting people. Those people pay for the land and move onto it. Then what happens is when the legal owner finds out; he comes to remove them or calls the police help to enforce his rights as the landowner. Protests usually ensue because people have paid hard-earned money for the land and they don’t want to lose what they paid for. It is a very messy and hard situation.

  3. Very challenging situation. Praying for that perpetrators would be found and appropriately punished, for little or no loss of property and injury, and that the the Lord can use the local church and Christians as peacemakers in during this time. l


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