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The work in the jungle continues

We recently received news and pictures of a baptism that was held in the village of Atenas! Atenas is located about 20 minutes up river from Santa Rita.

The church “Monte deĀ  Sinai” of Santa Rita along with the church “La Hermosa” of Atenas came together to support each other during this baptism. So exciting to see churches working together supporting new followers of Jesus Christ as they make there public declaration.

3 thoughts on “The work in the jungle continues”

    • Hello Jonathan, great to hear from you and thanks for the questions.
      JungleMaster has been purchasing and shipping medicine from Lima for the clinic in Sta. Rita during these times due to the shortage of medicine in Iquitos. Iquitos is where they would normally be procuring the medicine from. The pharmacies in Iquitos ran out of supplies which meant Santa Rita quickly ran out of there more commonly used medicines. We were able to reach out to one of our contacts in Iquitos who had contacts in Lima who searched the pharmacies in Lima and was able to fulfill the list of needed meds. The meds were then shipped to our contact in Iquitos and upon arrival in Iquitos one person was sent from Santa Rita to retrieve the meds. Gracias a Dios after a lot of prayers and logistical work from our partner in Iquitos the medicine arrived in Santa Rita.
      We also have helped fund and coordinate a food distribution and medical outreach in Nauta. This outreach was done through the church we attend in Nauta. During the quarantine it has been extremely difficult for them to receive any financial funds due to the banks only being open a few hours a day. Now that the quarantine has been lifted within the province of Loreto things are starting to move again.
      The baptisms were done on Sunday August 4th.


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