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December 2020 Newsletter


The McGees have a PO box in Peru where they can receive letters, cards, or gift packages! If you would like to send them something once they’re back in Nauta, you can mail it to:
Joel & Amy McGee
Jr Arica 402 Maynas
Apto #156
Iquitos-Loreto, Peru


by Joel McGee

We have certainly been looking forward to the day when we will be able to go back to the place where we feel God has placed us! And that day has finally come! On December 16th we will be returning to our home in Nauta!

Our family has been well cared for throughout the nine months we’ve been in the States. God has given us the chance to rest and heal from some of the challenges of living in a different culture. We’ve had some good times traveling, serving together, and connecting with extended family and friends. But we’ve also had some challenges. Not having a place to really call home has been hard. And we’ve had to deal with many other difficult family issues, as well.

I would never try to say that I know what God is up to, but I do like to ponder at times. As I’ve thought about the Pandemic and all of the missionaries I know personally who have had to leave their field and return to their passport country (many of these being from the U.S.) I can’t help but think, “Has there ever been a time when we’ve needed missionaries to spread the Gospel in the U.S. more than we do right now?”

Of course, I have no idea what God is up to, but I do know that he will use it all for His Glory, and that puts a smile on my face.

Again, thank you so much for your generous support, not only financially, but through your prayers, as well!

Following Hurricanes Laura and Delta, Amy, Carmen, and Joel had the privilege of traveling to Louisiana to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse. Joel is pictured above, working on the roof of a house.


by Joel McGee

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 has looked very different this year for JungleMaster Ministries. Because my family has been stuck in the States since March, unable to return home to Peru, the ministry has had to lean heavily on the relationships that Amy, Carmen, and I have built during our years of living in Nauta. I’d like to share a little bit about several of these relationships and what has been accomplished through them.

We’ve leaned heavily on our good friend, Laura, a missionary from England who lives in Nauta. She has helped us to handle JungleMaster’s in-country financial business, as we have not been able to be there to manage these tasks ourselves. We are so extremely blessed to have this relationship.

We are also blessed with the relationship of our brother, Keny, who is Peruvian and lives in Iquitos. We leaned upon Keny this year when the people of Santa Rita ran out of many of their daily use medications during the pandemic. The Mayor of the town had gone to find more, but when he still hadn’t returned, they contacted us. Keny, who has many connections in Lima, was able to locate, purchase, and transport the needed medicines from Lima to the medical clinic in Santa Rita.

We continue to be blessed through the relationships with the many Peruvian pastors we have worked with. Through their churches, many of them helped distribute food to people who couldn’t work because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Some of the latest and most exciting news from the jungle is the recent anniversary celebration at Monte de Sinai Church in Santa Rita, where Abram, longtime friend and partner of JungleMaster, is pastor. Several couples were wed in Godly marriages during this anniversary event. We can’t help but be extremely excited that God’s redemptive grace is being lived out in some of these couples. Abram shared that the healing and forgiveness that some of these couples had experienced in their broken relationships, and their desire to enter into godly marriages, is a miracle; a true testament to God’s faithfulness, as well as to the faithfulness and hard work of these couples. Praise God!

Amy, Carmen, and I can’t wait to get back to Nauta, but we are so thankful for these relationships, and others, which have allowed the ministry to continue in our absence! We’re also thankful for your generous, on-going support during these challenging times! Your prayers and financial gifts are so appreciated!

A wedding during the anniversary celebration

At Monte de Sinai Church in Santa Rita

Prayer & Praises:

  • Praise that God has continued to provide for the needs of the ministry in Peru while the McGees have been here in the States
  • Praise that the McGee family will finally be able to return to Peru on December 16th
  • Please pray for safe and uncomplicated travels for them.
  • Please pray for a smooth transition for Joel, Amy, and Carmen back into life and ministry in the Amazon.
  • Please pray for the funds needed to sustain this ministry.
  • Please pray that God will provide Christian fellowship in Nauta for the McGees. Their friend, Laura, who has been meeting that need, will be moving out of the area in May.


As we all know, 2020 has been an extremely different year, but we can cling to this promise given to us from the apostle Paul in the book of Philippians: “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” That verse is so calming for me, especially during our earthly trials, knowing that God will carry on His work.

We want to extend our heartfelt thank you to each of you for standing together with us during this year. Your continued prayers and support have brought help and hope to our brothers and sisters in Peru during a time of uncertainty for all of us.

The work in the jungle continues

We recently received news and pictures of a baptism that was held in the village of Atenas! Atenas is located about 20 minutes up river from Santa Rita.

The church “Monte de  Sinai” of Santa Rita along with the church “La Hermosa” of Atenas came together to support each other during this baptism. So exciting to see churches working together supporting new followers of Jesus Christ as they make there public declaration.


Today, I will be travelling back to the States for a quick two-week visit. With all the issues concerning the Corona Virus, I would much appreciate prayers for smooth travels. I will be In Bellingham visiting my mom who has had some serious struggles with her health lately. Please be praying for my travels as well as for my mom. I have comfort in knowing God has given me the wisdom to make the right decisions during my travel and He has the ultimate plan.



I can see clearly now

For the last two years, Pastor Francisco (president of the cofraternity as well as the Pastor in Atenas) has been struggling with his vision in his left eye. Towards the end of 2019 Francisco asked JungleMaster if it would be possible to help him with the expenses of eye surgery and new eyeglasses. This was an easy decision for me to make. Of course, we would help him. In February he had his operation and had to stay in Iquitos for a few weeks while he recuperated and had some follow up appointments. Last night Francisco, his wife Sonya, and his son Bretan stayed with us in Nauta on there way back to Atenas. Pastor Francisco was extremely grateful to JungleMaster for helping him with this gift of sight and also wanted to make sure I let all the supporters know that he wanted to say “Thank You” to all who graciously give and support JungleMaster.

I would also like to personally thank all of our supporters for allowing us to continue to support these pastors as they fulfill their calling to bring the Love of Christ to the lost.

Archery club in Nauta

JungleMaster Ministries, along with Pastor William, are very excited about the interest that we have gotten from the archery program that we started last year. The basis of the plan was to get youth passionate about a sport where they could learn self-discipline, self-focus, and structure. All the things that we need to focus on to have a good relationship with Jesus Christ. We have based this program around the Centershot Ministry archery program that many churches in the States are using. Make sure to watch the short video of archery in Nauta.

So far, there has been a lot of excitement around this program here in Nauta. This year during the school vacation, which happens here from December through March, we have have been running an archery camp every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for any youth that wants to join. We have had a consistent number of participants who have participated in this camp. The camp has been held at Pastor Williams church and gives the youth not only an opportunity to practice archery but also provides the church with an opportunity to show and model the love of Christ to the youth.

We have been invited by the local education department to teach archery in the physical education program in the schools here in Nauta. We are in talks right now discussing what this relationship would consist of.

April will be the anniversary of Nauta. Usually, this is a month-long celebration with many different events and activities. The month of activities culminates in the last week of the month with many different types of exhibitions and fun activities. Examples include canoe races, peque peque boat races, traditional events, cultural exhibits, and things of this variety. Pastor William has been in talks with the officials in charge of putting together the anniversary program, and they invited us to put on an archery exhibition. At the same time that these conversations had been taking place, we had also been in contact with the Peruvian Archery Federation about the possibility of joining with them and forming an “archery club” here in Nauta. It was during these conversations that we invited the  Federation to bring a few representatives from the Federation to come and join in with the exhibition in April here in Nauta. JungleMaster Ministries has helped pay for the plane tickets for the President, trainer as well as one of the women that participated in the Pan American games last year!

As you can imagine, we are incredibly excited about how God has been orchestrating all the pieces and love how God can give us a vision and passion, and all we have to do is start walking out the steps that he lays in front of us.

As always, though with these kinds of things, there are still costs involved. We initially brought with us ten fiberglass recurve bows eight being right-handed and two left-handed. Along with these, we had two Genesis compound bows donated. We need to purchase at least three more left-handed recurves as well as the ongoing cost of targets, arrows, and miscellaneous items that get worn and need replacing with a program like this. Along with these costs is the expense of inviting the Peruvian Federation to Nauta. The Federation participants have accepted our invitation but, they have asked if we could help cover the expenses of their flights and transportation to Nauta.

New left-handed bows and misc. equipment $600

Membership to join the Peruvian Federation $200

Flights for Peruvian Federation members to Nauta $400

The total cost we need to raise to help cover the upcoming expenses for this project is


As always, there are three very practical and easy ways to join us in any of our projects. Prayer, funding, or come to Nauta and see what it is we are doing, or perhaps you’d like to do all three. Oops, that was four ways.

Ok, how do you do these?

1-Prayer, well, I hope you’re doing this for us anyways.

2-Funding, go to our donate page at our website www.junglemaster.org or send a check to our address:

PO box 29868

Bellingham, Wa


3-You want to come to Nauta? Awesome, send me a message through our contact page at our website www.junglemaster.org and we”ll talk.

Update on Abram’s mother in law

Abram’s mother in law has been recuperating and regaining strength so they have been able to bring her back to Santa Rita! She is continuing to heal, gain strength and has even been getting out and about a bit. Abram wanted me to pass along a note saying to you; Thank you so much for all the prayers through this time.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Pray for Nauta

Please be praying for Nauta. There is a huge land invasion down the road from us. They invaded the land over two weeks ago and the last few days the police have started trying to remove them. Our church and other church families’ homes are right in the middle of the protests and invasion. Police have arrested a few people. Please be praying for a swift and just resolution for all involved.


“God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble.” Psalms 46.1

Prayer for Pastor Abram’s mother in law

Please be praying for Abram’s mother-in-law. She has been suffering from pneumonia and other complications last night conditions worsened to the point that they brought her into Nauta today. When they arrived in the clinic here in Nauta the doctors worked on stabilizing her but quickly made the decision to transport her to the hospital in Iquitos via ambulance where they have a bit more sophisticated medicine to better care for her. Abram and Jessica traveled with her from Santa Rita this morning and have asked us for prayers for this situation. Although Abram did say we know it’s all in God’s hands so please be praying for God’s will and comfort and peace.

2020 Pastoral and leadership training

I got some very exciting news this morning! I received a call from Abram this morning letting me know that there are 18 people from his church in Santa Rita that will be attending this year’s training cycle at the BMS training center. This is the same training that Abram and a few other pastors have gone through with JMM support in years past. This is the first time that I have ever heard of a Pastor in this area encouraging their members to get training outside of what the pastor brings. The hierarchical culture here believes that if someone under receives training they may rise up and knock you out of power. He is breaking every cultural jungle church faux pas by doing this. I have always been in the mindset of train up those around me to better than me because I won’t always be around and have tried to pass this idea off to the people in my circles of influence. Who knows where he has captured this idea from but we do know God is doing mighty things through Abram.

We are clearly seeing the effects of training and influence that Abram has received not only from JungleMaster but a multitude of people.
This is a great sign of a seed being planted, nurtured and now multiplying!
It’s all in God’s perfect timing
Please be praying for these attendees
1-for safe travel to and from Santa Rita
2-that the training they receive will be well received
3-that they will have the desire to complete the years training cycle
4-that they will have the same desire to go out and plant seeds fearlessly as God leads them
Thanks for praying!