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I have a decent connection tonight so, even though its late I thought I would give you a run down. The last two days have been running from Nauta to Santa Rita with teams and cargo. The day before yesterday was cargo and Ed Alm, I left him with the goods and said, “please have some beds made by the time we’re back.” Yesterday we ran the 90 miles or so with the folks from St Louis, and three from Bellingham. We were really heavy so we didn’t get to Santa Rita until 4:30. We off loaded the gear, said sorry, wired up a spot light and headed home. The poor boat got the you-know-what=run out of it, I had only so much light and wanted to close the gap to Nauta before the sun closed the door on me. We ended up running about 1.5 hours in the dark….NOT FUN. The water is full of logs, you can only tell where you’re going by turning off all lights and only after your eyes adjust can you barely tell the difference between trees, water and sky. Today we had one extra hour by the time we left, again wide open through the logs and sticks and we pulled into Nauta just as the light left us. One more day of this…Then the conference. Be praying, one small church up river (100 miles) said they would bring 40 people…lets see we invited 70 churches x 40 = …?? don’t think about it.

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  1. Hello! Linda if you see this, I have been saying a little prayer for you everytime I think about you, which has been a LOT today since I did laundry ALL DAY!ggrrr I know the river was the part of the trip you were nervous about and it sounds like it couldn't have been worse BUT YOU MADE IT!!! And God will see all of you through the rest I have no doubt. Just know that we love you and we're proud of you and lots of ppl are praying for you! Be safe! Love, Jen


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