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Update on the flood relief

As you may know there have been multiple efforts to raise funds for the flood relief on the Amazon. The really amazing thing is to see what happens when we “release” God to do as He wills… That may sound odd but I heard the same thing from the brothers at two churches in Bellingham. it went something like this, “The board discussed giving JungleMaster  an offering but we decided to open it up to the congregation and see what God will do through His people”.

I can now report that God has provided over $13,000 through just those two offerings.. plus there have been individual gifts and other churches help that will bring the total to over $16,000 to provide food for the flood victims in the jungle.

Today our team in Peru are moving over 8,000 lbs of food up river to help. This is the second wave of food that we have transferred into our ministry area, 200 miles above Iquitos Peru on the Amazon. We are purchasing rice, beans, farina, cooking oil and soap in Iquitos and moving it up river on the ferry. The food will then be distributed through our network of 27 partner churches into more than 40 villages. Our relationships with the leadership in these communities makes the perfect distribution network and as we get the help out to theses communities we will be taking photos and video to report back to those that have so generously helped. Next week we will send the third load of food up river adding another 10,000 ponds of food to the communities on the river.

So.. you may be asking why us, why JungleMaster? Its because we are the only help they have on this part of the river, there are some organizations working closer to Iquitos but we are the only group working this far up river. The staff in Peru reported that one Peruvian national group from Iquitos went as far as hiring a boat and loading a few dignitaries up, they ran up river with a few bags of rice and made some promises, but nothing more has come of it. So there really won’t be much help from the government. 

 I will be getting out reports as we get the food up river and we get the next couple of shipments going…
Thanks from the people of Peru and God Bless you all
Tom and Janet Clark

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